Employees & talent
management (HRM)

Sustainable employability

HZPC is an ambitious organisation focused on growth. The recent organisational changes have had an impact on our 300 plus employees and presented new opportunities. These include the accommodation of KWS potato activity and colleagues within Stet Holland and the complete integration of HZPC Sadokas of Russia. The new organisational structure has provided prospects for promotion to new roles. We have also been allowed to welcome various new employees in line with the growth of the company. We expect further growth in the number of employees next year.

We very much emphasise the team composition when recruiting new employees. We build teams made up of people with complementary qualities so that everyone has the opportunity to develop their own talents. In this way we provide an environment in which employees can perform at the optimum level.

Working in a new organisational structure involves adjustment. Finding new roles and ways of working takes time. Our new employees must get to know the organisation. Therefore full attention will be paid to making use of the benefits of the new organisational structure in the year ahead. In order to make the best possible contribution to the growth and the ambitions of HZPC, we also wish to take further steps towards professionalization and digitisation of processes within our service organisation.

Health on the shop floor

A ‘Health check’ was offered to employees in 2015 and the results were made available in September. One thing which became apparent was that employees would very much like to have more insight into the opportunities for development within HZPC. This is being responded to by offering training opportunities via e-learning among other things.

Attention is also paid to a healthy working environment. Measures include the provision of stress management training, the appointment of a confidential counsellor and a healthy menu in the company canteen. A motivation survey has also been issued as a follow up. The results and the interventions as a result of this will be dealt with in the next reporting year.