Report of the Executive Board

Report of the CEO

Dear Reader,

In 2015/2016 we made good on our promise ‘growing with our potatoes’. The year was characterised by satisfying results, steady growth and a few nice milestones. Last year we sold more seed potatoes than in previous years. This ensured a good return on shareholders’ equity and a competitive price which we could pay to our seed potato growers; the two most important financial objectives for our company.

We have also taken strong steps with a view to the future growth of HZPC. I think of the new build which is in motion in India for our joint venture with the Mahindra group, HZPC Sadokas in Russia, which we now have full ownership of, and the takeover of KWS Potato’s seed potato activities through our participation in Stet Holland B.V.

We wish to continue strengthening and expanding our position as a market leader in potato breeding and seed potato sales all over the world. Focus and adequate management attention are crucial if we are to make this reality. This is why we have transformed our growth strategy in the structure of the organisation. This has resulted in the formation of HZPC Holding and a few business units which ensure that both the well-known company activities and projects with a good chance of success get the attention they deserve and make an optimal contribution to our growth and the operating profit.

The development of new, strong varieties is becoming increasingly important. Our breeders are successfully working on varieties which provide outstanding results in the various sectors and climate zones. But this is not all they are doing. They are also working on innovative breeding techniques such as genomic selection and hybridisation, which will doubtless be essential in the long term if we are to remain at the forefront in our competitive market.

Our passion for potatoes is expressed in our mission to make a contribution towards providing sufficient healthy food for a growing world population. This means we are doing our absolute best to make our potatoes available all over the world. The potato is no longer in vogue in prosperous economies and we are working on the image of the potato by developing innovative products and concepts for the modern consumer. You can read more about that in this report.

On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to thank all our colleagues and growers around the world for their commitment and for their ongoing contribution to the development and growth of HZPC. We welcomed various new employees to our company over the last year. We hope and expect that we can continue to build on HZPC’s success together and with our many partners in the chain.


Yours sincerely, 

Gerard Backx, CEO
Joure, 6 October 2016