Report of the Executive Board

Theme for the year
‘Feeding the world’

With the theme for the year ‘Feeding the world’ we provide substance for our mission: making a contribution to the development of responsible food for a growing world population. The need for affordable, good quality food is increasing more and more as the world population expands considerably and we are faced with a limited amount of fertile land and a scarcity of fresh water. We believe the potato has a key role to play in this global food issue.

As a global player in the seed potato sector we want to take responsibility concerning global food issues. One way in which we do this is by ensuring that the potato becomes increasingly easily available in areas with growing populations such as countries in Central Africa and Asia. When doing so we cooperate with local partners all over the world in order to reach local growers and to help them grow potatoes (local-for-local). The development of these local initiatives makes a significant contribution to the global food supply.

Potatoes don’t require a great deal to feed many mouths quickly. The potato offers a way out, in terms of the anticipated 9 billion plus world citizens by 2050. It consumes considerably less water than maize, rice or wheat and it can grow in almost any climate. The potato also has a relatively short growth cycle. Therefore it provides the grower with a high level of security. It is no wonder that the potato is on the up all over the world. Potatoes also contain important nutrients such as vitamins, fibre, minerals and carbohydrates, especially when eaten with their skin on. This seems to have been forgotten in Western Europe in particular and the potato is wrongly regarded as fattening. We use innovative products and concepts to tell the consumer that the potato is extremely healthy and it is suitable for a sensible diet.